Hyper-V Error – An Authentication error.

Hyper-V Error – An Authentication error has occurred. The Local Security Authority cannot be contacted.

Today I was trying to connect to a Hyper-V Virtual Machine when I started to get this error on all of the VM's on that particular host. I was connecting to the Hyper-V host via a Windows 8 Workstation via the Hyper-V Manager.

Hyper-V Error

At first I thought it was an issue with my account, but it wasn't. After hunting around for ages and running out of ideas, I stumbled across the obvious. The Hyper-V host didn't have the correct DNS servers set.


So I changed the DNS Servers to the correct ones that were being used in my Domain and bob was my uncle!

DNS Servers


Hope this helps!




Hyper-V Virtual Machine Error 0x80070569

If you find you are getting a similar error 0x80070569 on Hyper-V 2012, you might be experiencing something similar to this.

So I jumped on to one of my Hyper-V hosts the other day to bang out a fresh Virtual Machine. I clicked on Create New Virtual Machine and BAM!, I get this error.


30-04-2013 6-11-55 PM


Try restarting the Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management Service.

I wasn't sure if I could restart this service while I had Virtual Machines running, but since it was on my home lab environment, I thought I'd give it a shot. The service restarted with no issues on any of my virtual machines. What's more, when I tried to create a virtual machine, it worked, no error. I'm not sure why this happens or why restarting the service fixes it as it seems by the error to be a permissions issue but as a work around it seems to do the trick.