Installing the Hyper-V Feature via Powershell on Windows Server 2012


Open up a Powershell Console as an Administrator.


We can use the Get-WindowsFeature cmdlet to find what Hyper-V features are available for installation.


PS>Get-WindowsFeature –Name hyper-v*


This will show the Hyper-V features that we can install. 

Once we know what we would like to install. We can use the Install-WindowsFeature cmdlet to install the feature. We can use the IncludeSubFeature and IncludeManagementTools parameters to install all subfeatures and management tools at the same time. The –Restart parameter will make the machine reboot once it has finished installing.


PS>Install-WindowsFeature –Name Hyper-V –IncludeSubFeature –IncludeManagementTools –Restart

The Feature will then install. 

After a reboot, you should be able to see the Hyper-V Manager in your Start Page.