Skydrive Error 0x800705B4 on Windows 8.1

Every now and then I get a Skydrive error 0x800705B4 on Windows 8.1. It seems to happen with Word or Excel documents a lot. It’s a little painful because I normally then have to fire up another computer to access the file that I need. I searched the web and found various mentions of this issue in forums but no definitive answer on really how to fix the 0x800705B4 error specifically.

In this post, I outline what I did to rectify the 0x800705B4 error. These steps worked for me but your mileage may vary :D. Fingers crossed it works for you too. I thought it might have something to do with the fact that I changed my Skydrive directory from the default to another drive letter, but that seemed to be unrelated.

Below is the 0x800705B4 error that I received.

I checked the Skydrive FAQ website and found that they have a troubleshooter available for download. I ran the troubleshooter, it took a few minutes.

The Skydrive Troubleshooter then prompted to run a maintenance task.

It then let me know that it had indeed found an issue and that it had fixed that issue.

I clicked on View Detailed information to see that it had restarted Skydrive and ran scheduled maintenance tasks.

I then tried to open my excel document and low and behold it worked. This is the first time a troubleshooter that I’ve downloaded from Microsoft has ever worked! Kudos to them!